Monday, November 17, 2008

it's not that I'm defensive, but...

... I did not have "umpteen" boyfriends. I had a very normal amount of boyfriends, starting at a normal age, and through my twenties.

And after laughing with my mom about her comment on the previous post (I called her when I saw it and said: "seriously? Umpteenth?"), I asked her to find the letter that I wrote her from NELP. After some digging around in her files, she found it today.

The basic premise of the letter was that I was so incredibly and overwhelmingly happy living and teaching at NELP that the rest of my life had gotten whacked out of perspective and I was having a hard time imagining ever leaving there and going back to my old life. And just for the record, I only mentioned Sam at the end when I said "I have to admit that there is someone here who has captured my attention." And I said that Sam and I had been canoeing a lot and baking together. I didn't say he was "the one." I just don't want Sam to think he was just the next chapter in the dramatic saga of a lovesick psycho girl. (I was really worried).

And the fact that I'm actually writing a follow-up post about this proves beyond a doubt that I am a total control freak. But you see, I can't edit my mom's comment (damn).

(i love you, mommy) xoxoxox


Meredith said...

Who doesn't love a little public clarification between mother and daughter?

Sam Manhart's only number is #1 :)

Liesel Stevens said...

Mom, you're getting us confused. I was the one who had been madly in love umpteen times when I first met Craig and introduced him to you and dad. Remember?

Emilie said...

this is what it took for my dear sister to sign up and leave her first comment?

i love it.

Michelle said...


Hi Liesel!!!!!!!

And Emilie, when you know... you KNOW!!

Those Sugg women just want the best for their daughters. Remember Ann's comment to Robin when Robin told her about Buff?

I guess Robin is STILL "in heat"!!! After all these years :)

I love this family!!

Christine said...

That's why I moderate my comments Emilie :o) You're too funny!

Paige said...

If only I had thought to keep momentos of my early crushes and loves. The only thing I have is my old journal from when I fell in love with Andy. And Em, Michelle is right, when you know you know!! My mom tried to talk me out of marrying Andy, if you remember. When I asked her why a little later on, she said, "If you could have been talked out of marrying him then you should have been talked out of marrying him." Can't decide if I think the ends justify the means, but it has left a mark.

Tiercy said...

Hilarious!!! A new side of Emilie...but really, in our family, is there any hope not to be a control freak? = >