Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Trek (2nd Annual!)

The Thanksgiving 4-mile trail run/food collection for the local soup kitchen went like this:
8 am, sparkly, sunny, cold.
43 runners and walkers, a bunch of really cute dogs, one really cute baby.
Collections totalling 8 grocery bags and one big box full of food.

(Last year was our first year and we had a much smaller, colder, wetter group)

The collection of people was really cool: colleagues, students, parents of students, people from St. John's, former students, my mom and friend Jo, friends from grad school, and several people I didn't know who were forwarded my email about the event.

I provided water, banana and pumpkin bread, and fruit for the participants, and then got to see so many wonderful people together, so happy to be trotting through the brisk and sunny woods on the morning of this food-filled and thankful day.

Thanks, everyone, for coming and for being SO generous with the food donations.

Catherine and Grace, home from COLLEGE.

The Lanham brothers and their steaming heads.

My girl Steph

Sophie and Maureen!

The beneficiary of all that love:


Tiercy said...

Good job Emilie!!! Way to go beyond yourself.

SNW said...

hey friend, thanks for that chewing picture.. nice banana bread!