Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two big problems, one easy solution

Troubles on the sleep front here at team Manhart.

1. Reed can get out of his crib! The first time he did it he just quietly got out and joined Skyler in her room. I hear: "Mom? Did you let Reed out of his crib?" Uh-oh.

The next time he did it he fell and landed flat on his back and knocked the wind out of him and was really scared. He hasn't climbed out again, in 2 weeks now. Just in case, we had dragged the mattress from the twin bed also in his room (Skyler's old bed) to catch his fall. He is SO not ready for a big-boy bed.

So, he discovered this, the bed frame, as his new reading spot:

2. Skyler does not like to be left alone at night and bedtime is still often a battle. We reinforce the same things night after night (we refuse to stay with her until she falls asleep, though she begs and pleads), she has a night light, is allowed to read quietly. She cries: "I JUST GET LONELY!" (our poor, tender hearts ache).

It all came down when one of her fits was so loud that Reed woke up. I went in to comfort him, Skyler climbed onto the mattress under his crib with her blanket and stuffed puppy-dogs and fell right to sleep. The next morning I said: "Do you want to sleep with Reed so you won't be lonely at night?" Her whole little face lit up. YES. (me: why didn't I think of this last YEAR?!?!?!?)

So, for one week it has worked like a charm. I put Reed to bed at 6. Skyler gets stories at 7:30 and then crawls in to bed next to her brother. If he decides to escape his crib again, he'll land on the mattress (or Skyler's head, but that's nothing new) and everyone is happy.

Skyler loves this whole routine, the responsibility of comforting Reed, the companionship of his quiet, sleeping breath. She also knows she can't make a peep, which is why it is so BRILLIANT.

The last thing she whispers before rolling over to sleep: "Goodnight Reedo. I love you, buddy."


Sarah said...

seriously. that is the SWEETEST story. my kids are the same same way. henry and luke are already asking when oliver can start sharing their room instead of being in the room across the hall. i guess this means when we move, we only need a two bedroom house??? !!!

thanks for your beautiful updates. much love from colorado on a bluebird day.

Tiercy said...

Oh the heart strings are being tugged on!! I love this story about Skyler and REed. How darling.

Michelle said...

This brings back my childhood memories!! I used to "sleepover" on my brother's top bunk all the time when we were young.

My fondest memory: Mom coming in the room to kiss us goodbye. She thought she was being slick.

"Goodbye?" I asked. "Not Goodnight?"

You see I was ten and she was at the end of her pregnancy. Mike and I didn't sleep much that night. We were DYING to know if we were getting a baby brother to even the score or a sister to strengthen the girl team.

We both won!! Meredith was a sporty tomboy!!