Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is easier when you aren't the mom

Skyler is feeling pretty relaxed.

I've been going back and forth between having a ball getting ready for Christmas and wishing I could throw in the towel, crawl into my own footy pajamas, and just watch the whole show. I don't know about everyone else, but Christmas used to be so relaxing when my parents were doing all the cooking and preparing. They made it look easy. I'm not sure that's how my kids will feel, but I've been trying.

We did some decorating. We are thrilled to have such pretty snow to make it extra Christmassy for my brother Chris coming in from San Fran tomorrow. We're all ready, Uncle Chris!

We wrote a letter to Santa. Can you read it?

We had Beckett and McKayla over for gingerbread houses. The big snow storm kept everyone else at home. These three had no trouble eating all the decorations and filling up the house with their EXCESSIVELY LOUD VOICES.


Skyler and Reed have watched Rudolph and Frosty a few times (THANKS Aunt Lisa!)

And I've been baking. And cleaning the kitchen, baking some more, cleaning the kitchen.....

This year's selection:
Cranberry orange scones for my English colleagues

And candied-spiced pecans and winter almond bark for the neighbors.

And once this week I snuck out for cocktails with some of my friends. (April and Jen)

Wait. More cocktails. Maybe that's my answer. Gotta go.


ann said...

2Ok,I'm happy now!

But wishing I could be in your class!

Lisa said...

Cocktails are the answer, I I'm having more than my share at the business class lounge for Malaysian Airlines in Kuala Lampur. So glad you like the Christmas DVDs, Emilie!! Thinking and missing you this holiday season. Just checking in with time to kill before our midnight flight back to Japan. Oh - Happy 40th, brother dear!!