Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Mommy, I better try this one."

K is for Kimmie. A is for Alyssa. R is for Rozzy. J is for Jack.

Cookies for our day care friends.


Jessica Schessler said...

Hi Emilie, it's Jessica that bought the house from you... I've been trying to find a phone number or email address, anything to contact you but I haven't had much luck! :) Anyway, I have packages that came for you today. I don't use this google email... so please send me a message on my school account. jessica.schessler @ umit.maine.edu (of course, with no spaces! :) )

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh!!! That's probably from me!! SHUT! I'm sorry Emilie! I must still have your old address in my Amazon account. So sorry about that! I should have been more careful. I noticed that Reed's name wasn't on the mailing label too late, but didn't even think of the address change. I just got on the comments page to write how cute your cookies were and found this comment. Glad I checked. Sorry to Jessica, too. I was suprised to see the Japanese symbol on Jessica's message and wondered why. Hope she can get the package to you - if not... someone will surely enjoy singing "I'm Mr. Heat Miser." haha!

ann said...

Aren't blogs wonderful! Wayward packages get to the correct address because of them.

So, Emilie, today is 12/22 and I logged on, hoping to find a new stories about Sam Skyler and Reed, or students. What's up? 6 days without an entry is like a day without sunshine. Get with it girlfriend!

ann said...

make that either a new story or new stories! Shouldn't I know to proof read everything and get commas where they belong?