Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our battle with the DRYER

Here is a story. And readers? If you read through this whole thing, I will love you forever.

2 weeks ago, our dryer made a very smoky, burny smell and melted some fleece pajamas, and then it would heat no more.

BUT... My very handy brother Chris was coming to visit and I thought he could help.

AND SO... I called around and found a local guy who stocks dryer parts, and told him I needed the part that made the dryer get hot. And he said: "Dear, that's called a heater." We went to get the part.

BUT... we had to decide between just the heating coil or the whole heating coil panel ($40 vs. $100). This was deciding between a tricky repair and a really tricky repair.

AND SO... we bought both with a plan to return the one we didn't need. We headed home and took the whole dryer apart to get to the very back part where the decidedly frizzled heating coil awaited us.

BUT... we didn't have the right tool to get the drum out.

AND SO... Chris ran to the hardware store. And came back and we proceded to try to get everything unscrewed to get to the heating coil.

BUT... Chris cut his hand very badly on the sharp edge of some metal plate. And he insisted on not going to the ER for the stitches he definitely needed.

AND SO... We bandaged him up and he told me not to worry... that dryer would get fixed. We continued on, threading the incredibly tedious heating coil onto the brackets and then started to put everything back together.

BUT... we realized a bigger problem: a divet worn out of the bearing hole (so THAT is what caused our dryer to make that grinding metal-on-metal sound from time to time). We simply couldn't get the dryer back together in this state.

(I took these photos so I could take them to the appliance guy).

AND SO... Chris had to go home, and he left with his bandaged hand and we had nothing but a dryer carcass in our laundry room with parts and tools spewed about.

BUT... I went back to the appliance guy and showed him my pictures. He recognized the problem and sold me the new bearing kit. I returned the unused $100 part. As he explained me what to do, he had so much faith in me that I started to believe I could actually put it back together.

AND SO... I went home feeling very excited. I had to take the whole heating coil plate off, refit the bearing housing, and then start putting it back together. Sam came in to help me think it all through, hoist the drum back in, and we had it all back together in about an hour. The last step was to open up the hatch on the back to re-attach the belt that makes the dryer go round-and-round, which I had actually done before.

And you know what? I have been doing laundry all day.

TA DA! we have a carcass no more! A working dryer for $85.00 in parts and a whole heap of satisfaction. My daddy would be awful proud.

Post-dryer repair. I crawled out with a bit of soot to show for my effort.


Frederique said...

I am very impressed!! but then again you run marathon...

Lisa said...

Wow, Emilie!...and Chris! Sorry to hear about the injury, but glad you had success with the dryer. After reading about all that work, I'm almost glad I don't even have a dryer except for a bar and clothes pins. Good story, Emilie. Hope you heal soon, Chris.

Paige said...

Em, Wow, I would never have attempted that in my whole life. I am amazed at how industrious you are/were. And to think it might actually have been the one time you were excited to do the laundy.

Michelle said...

You crack me up!
I'm all about calling the repairman!
He just fixed our icemaker yesterday!

Tiercy said...

what a great post! I love that you tried it and were triumphant. Way to go, maybe next time I will try to fix "it"-whatever that may be-before I call my husband in to help. We are Sugg women after all.

geotrax2 said...

Um. I called the repairman when the dryer stopped doing the heating up thing. I would like to say it cost about the same - but I bet it was closer to double?! I'm SO impressed :)

(Still calling the repairman ... OMG...almost wrote n.e.x.t. time.
Knock on wood!!!)

Thanks for the Family Christmas Letter w/picture. Since Steph is still overseas, I opened it. Envelope saved so she can see it was addressed to all of us :)

PS - I left you a comment on the Outdoor Lit Window Poetry entry.

And I promise to walk more. Running is for hurrying out of burning buildings - or catching the ice cream truck!
But I laughed out loud at the Peace & quiet t-shirt.
And at your sooty face :)
Happy New Year

beth said...

Hey, Tiercy,

Loved your comment "We are Sugg women after all." For nearly forty years I never called a repair man, no matter what was broken. My instant and always successful response to anything that was broken was "Hey, Klaus-----".

Seems he passed that gene on to our kids.

jenn said...

You are like MacGyver! I am thoroughly impressed.