Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two bonus children for a day

We gave a Christmas present to our friend Suzanne yesterday: a whole day to be on her own, a much-deserved break from being a super-momma. We took her two girls, Ella and Maya, from morning to evening and had such a nice time. They were SO good that I actually never had the frenzied, stressed moments I anticipated in having 4 small children. I have to say I felt pretty proud of myself at the end of the day when everyone was happy, well-fed, and well-napped. I also got to be baby Maya's best friend and see Ella's sparkling personality in a whole new way.

We even ventured out! Sam took Reed in his car, and we headed to the open gym at Bangor Rec.

Perfect. One contained place for them to run free.

Maya, my new bff: How cute is this baby? Give me a break. Can I take a tiny bit of credit for her; she is our god-child after all.

Here is Reed swiping the poor girl's milk.

And Skyler giving her a squeeeeeeeeezy kiss.

What I love about keeping extra kids for a day is how EASY 2 kids feel afterwards, even when the 2 extra kids were way easier and better behaved than my own.
Plus, I got paid back by Suzanne taking home a HUGE pile of our laundry to wash and FOLD for us (our dryer has been out of commission for 2 painful weeks). More on that later too.


Frederique said...

That was a great idea; I do the same with my friend Mary where once a month, we swap babysitting and that way, I know who is with my kids and I don't have to pay her with money; the following months, she drops off her kids at my house and the best is that her children are the same ages as mine so they play great together!

Michelle said...

See, I knew you had it in you!