Sunday, June 29, 2008

The House of Stomach Ailments

Okay, so everyone in the entire house has now been sick, every one of us, even Chris who ended up leaving early and heading home to SF. Craig is the last one to be struck down today. Reed's illness has been the gift that keeps on giving.

We've had a lot of family bonding over our various ailments. There has been a lot of puking, lots of pulling cars over when a child indicates that something might be coming up. We've been eating a lot of popsicles. Drinking a lot of ginger ale. Washing a lot of clothes and sheets.

Here are a few of the good moments:

Lunch at Deer Valley (before we all got sick)

Poor Mac. Skyler won't let him out of her sight.

Our second attempt to visit the zoo in Salt Lake City (we thought things were looking up this morning!)

And then Skyler started to whine and say she wanted to go home. Poor thing was still suffering from belated effects of the stomach bug (i.e. frantic trips to the bathroom) and was the equivalent of a limp, lifeless bag of sand throughout our zoo visit. She perked up a few times, for the bears, for the train, and for the carousel ride.

And then she hunkered down with Reed in one of these zoo-provided buggies. By the time we left she was drooping down way low and dangling her legs out of it like a helpless miserable mess.

Red Sox fans in Utah?

Thank goodness for the evenings once all the kids are finally asleep and I can settle down with my mom and sister to chat. Speaking of which, I'm off to join them... good night!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Utah update

It turns out that what Reed had on the plane (and in the car) was not motion sickness. Each of the other three kids have been sick with the stomach flu within the last 24 hours. Skyler is passed out right now at my feet, hopefully sleeping it off.

The adults are all feeling suspiciously yucky, but it may be the power of suggestion?

Our trip to the zoo was canceled today and we're trying to laugh at our bad luck.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A million little pictures from Utah

Peace. (says her shirt and the grasses in the wind)

We've almost forgotten the horrors of our plane trip and are having an excellent visit. I wanted to post some pictures so Sam could see what we're up to. These mountains!

The view from my sister Liesel's driveway

First dinner in the back yard

Uncle Chris and Cameron

Lucky me with my siblings

Today's main activity: Incredible bike ride up and about the mountains here. Lots of uphill and some really fun and fast downhills.

Cam and Grant

Scratch on face: tripped on the hiking trail. Bruise under eye: headbutted by Reed

The back yard. See Chris and Cam down on the bridge?

Cousins and ice cream? Doesn't that beat all?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We made it...

... but it wasn't pretty.

Our trip out here actually surpassed all of my worst fears, and if you know what kind of a worrier I am, that's pretty hard to do. I'll spare you the details. I'll just give you these two words:

projectile vomiting.

More happy news to come. We're very happy to be here.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend warriors

We made it through three days on our own, and things couldn't have gone more smoothly. Everyone was on good behavior, we wore each other out, and all slept soundly.

Because everyone was up by 5:45 am on Saturday, we started early, and hit the Bog Walk (a total gem of a short hike right near us.) before 7 am. Skyler RAN the entire thing.

She ran,

and she ran

and she ran

and then she rested.

Reed liked the way the stroller bump-bump-bumped over the boardwalk.

We also got Skyler's hair cut, went to a gymnastics birthday party, and played with the O'Reillys. Both kids just went full throttle all day, and they were both asleep for the night by 6:30 pm. Happy times for mommy.

Here is a shot of Reed, who learned to feed himself! (i.e., he won't let me feed him anymore, but he still LOVES baby food!) This is the child who will be sitting on my lap on an airplane for several hours.

Meanwhile, Sam had some outstanding swims at his long course meet. He came home with a pile of ribbons and two meet records (!).

We are off to Utah tomorrow for a week with my sister and her family. Skyler has been obsessed with talking about Liesel (my sister) and Cameron and Grant (her 6 and 7 year old nephews) since our one-week countdown started. Here is her latest drawing of the three of them holding hands. For some reason, blogger won't flip this picture in the right direction, but you get the idea. Based on the gargantuan size of her own head, I think Skyler has a pretty strong sense of self.

The last time we were all together was last August in North Carolina, and Skyler thinks THAT (the beach) was Utah. (e.g. "Remember last time we were at Utah and I built a sand castle with Cameron?") Everytime I try to explain to her that Utah has mountains, not an ocean or a beach, she just smiles knowingly and says: "You'll see when we get there, Mommy. I'll show you."

Because we didn't want to pay for three tickets, Sam decided to stay home.
By himself.
For a week.

I think he's just a little bit excited. I think I'd love it for about 8 hours and then it would be way too quiet and I'd miss everyone way too much. Is that how you feel, honey?



Anyway, I'm quite certain you'll see some pics from Utah soon! (And yes, Tiercy, we can't wait to see you too!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Holy cow, it's really summer.

We're done! We're free! Grades are in! Classrooms cleaned! Desks all organized! Summer reading books are stacked nicely, calling me to them.

It's Sam's turn to be away for the weekend reaching for more Manhart athletic glory... a long course swim meet (which means it's in an Olympic sized pool) in Middlebury Vermont.

Which reminds me... I'm now registered for 2 more races:
Danskin all-women's triathlon in Mass in July and another Half Marathon on MDI (Acadia National Park) in Sept. That means I have no breaks in training for a while, which, if you haven't guessed, makes me really happy.

Anyway, when I explained today to Skyler (again) that Sam wouldn't be back today or tomorrow, she said:
"He won't be here to sing Swing Low to me at bedtime?" (in a sad, dramatic voice).
Me: "No, not for 2 nights."
Skyler, looking out the window with faraway eyes:
"He was such a great dad."

And another funny thing that she picked up somewhere:
When we are outside playing and she hears thunder, she runs around the house frantically yelling:


Even though there are some thunderstorms predicted, I'm going to remain calm. I'm feeling energetic and optimistic about my weekend ahead as single mama. BECAUSE I DON'T GO TO WORK ON MONDAY!

Happy Summer solstice, everyone.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another day at the farm

We love picking up our farmshare every week (have I mentioned this?)

Any kohlrabe recipes?

Two pretty things for Daddy

For father's day we had a nice little family brunch and later, dinner at my mom's.

Lupines we poached from the field!

Cinnamon rolls we baked from Cooking Light! (way cuter in the mag).

We also picked out some perrenials for Sam so our gardens are coming along really nicely.

The three of us are all very appreciative of the dad that Sam is, the reader, gardener, tickler, house cleaner-upper, teacher, explainer, cuddler, tucker-inner, colorer, swimmer, cook, kisser and hugger. Keep it up, Daddy!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

our wonderful, dirt-filled, sun-soaked summer day

Let me tell you, this is some cheap fun!

do you have a kiss for mama?

working on her super-model expression

he drools too, just to add a new element to the grossness

Skyler and Ella, bonding over ice cream