Thursday, January 8, 2009

THE BATTLE RAGES ON: Another Over-Dramatic Tale of our @%$#ing Dryer)

After my triumphant fixing of the dryer, I did 10 glorious loads of laundry and then it died another sad death. At least we had everything washed, dried, and put away.
It was a frustrating step backwards, especially because I had fixed it myself and then TOLD EVERYONE I KNOW HOW PROUD I WAS OF MYSELF.

I took it apart to reveal that the heating coil was already burnt out again, so I knew there was something bigger going on.

I gave in and called Al over at Perkins Appliance (super-nice guy), and he came over, and he's coming over again, because there were 4 other issues, all of which required new parts and knowledge of dryers beyond my own.

So, I was gratified by him telling me I did everything correctly, but I couldn't go on pretending that I am as handy as I once thought.

After tonight's visit from Al, I think the thing will be back to work. And man do we have a mountain of laundry again. We have one damp towel to share as a family.

P.S. Just as a point of contrast, my friend Meredith fixes her dryer all the time, as well as all sorts of other appliances and she installs light fixtures and doors. She doesn't write blog posts about it. She just does it and then if you find out somehow and act impressed, she's like... yeah, so what?


Tiercy said...

Oh Emilie, I can't believe that about your dryer. You should be please with your accomplishment because 99% of us would have just called Al in the first place. You Rock!!

Frederique said...

or I may have driven to Coscto and get a new one...

Lisa said...

Gosh, frustrating. Maybe I should send you a Japanese dryer for a late Christmas gift...some clothes pins and nifty hang-drying accessories. Though I bet it's a bit too cold there to hang dry in the winter. Really - hang drying's not so bad once you get used to it. I haven't lived with a dryer for over 10 years now. It's one of those Japanese ways that makes so much eco friendly and clothes friendly. Any takers?