Saturday, January 10, 2009

Final Exam prep

Outdoor Lit ends next week and then I start again with a new crop of kids. We are packing in the skiing and snowshoeing since we didn't have enough snow until this past week. I can't over-state what 45 minutes of being out and active in this white world, right in the middle of my teaching day, does for my morale. Oh yeah. And my students are happy too.

The final exam is next week. My plan is:
1. Give out writing prompt.
2. Head out for a 40 minute silent snow shoe, aka "pre-writing"
3. Come back in and settle in to write for the final 50 minutes. With hot cocoa.


SNW said...

You and your dream job! How wonderful. I had quite the snowshoe at Sunk Haze yesterday, breaking trail.

I might add the canoe race to my TO DO LIST for fitness goals.. watch out now.

Tiercy said...

Seriously...I'm moving to Maine just so I can take your class.

Paige said...

I want to take your exam!!!!!