Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's 2009. It's time to make some plans.

One of the coolest and most surprising outcomes of my keeping this blog for a year and half is that several people have joined me in starting to run and sign up for races.

I was running today (the gym was crowded... it is resolution time after all) and I started thinking about all of you readers who I know are working on training goals for the upcoming year. I actually got a little overwhelmed at the collective power and energy in all of us working so hard together. I felt all of your presence and had a moment of feeling so energized I thought the treadmill would start to smoke with my enthusiasm. If you didn't already notice this, I get a little emotional about running for some reason. I can actually make myself teary during any old run if I picture myself crossing a finish line.

I started to list you all off in my head, all of you I know are going to run a big race or your first race in 2009. So I decided to try this.

I'm going to go public (right now... well, in just a second) with my race plans for 2009 because I'm all about making goals these days, and I've found it's a good motivator to tell people.

(When I decided to run my first 1/2 marathon, I posted the goal on the wall of my classroom with all the school-year goals of my students, and dammit if I was going to come back from that weekend and tell them I didn't finish the run.)

So runners and swimmers and cyclists, I know you are all out there. My friends. My family members. (two new ones emerged this week, very exciting additions to the cause).

Please post a comment telling us what your fitness goal is for 2009, including the name and date of a race if that is part of your plan.

I won't out you (though many of you are planning on running with me!) . You can choose to do it yourself. It's not like you are publishing your goal in the newspaper, but there are about 50 people who will read it.

I hope some of you will commit to posting your goal as a way to keep you motivated, and maybe even some of you who didn't know until just this moment that you were going to train for a race.

Okay, I'll go first:
May: Either Boston Half Marathon or Big Lake Half Marathon in New Hampshire.
July: Danskin Triathlon in Webster, Mass
September: MDI Half Marathon
October: Peak Performance Maine Marathon in Portland (YIKES!).

I saw a very cute mommy running shirt today that said: "26.2 miles of peace and quiet"
I'll use that as my new mantra.

Okay, everyone. Let's hear from you. We can do this together! Happy New Year!


Michelle said...

We are definately alike in that I get teary eyed with a big goofy grin on my face when I think of crossing the finish line too!!

Very inspiring post!!
Guess I gotta go post my goals!

Donna said...

Emilie! Happy New Year to you and your family :) What a fantastic idea!

I have recently started going to the gym after literally 20 years of being a couch potato and am thrilled that you have started this because finally I DO have some goals!

I have never run in my life (unless something is chasing me hehe) but my goal is to be fit enough to run in the Pink Ribbon triathlon in October next year.

This triathlon raises money for breast cancer and has three different levels depending on your fitness level.

I have started going to the gym and will be working with a personal trainer until...maybe forever haha. But I am proud to say that I am already making some great progress and who knows, October just might be my month to do the triathlon.

A smaller goal though, to be able to all! lol. I am almost at the stage where I can run on the treadmil, I might make that a small goal to be running on the treadmil by February.

I won't put a distance on it. I just want to be able to run at all!


Adrienne said...'s hard to imagine it right now, feeling about 100 months pregnant and like most of my life-force is being siphoned off by this passenger in my midsection, but, i'm *hoping* for this to be my marathon year. maybe we know...??

Heather said...

My 2009 fitness goals are as follows (though not as ironed out as yours Emilie)

Triathlon- Most likely the UMaine Triathlon since I do enjoy pool swimming.

Half Marathon- MDI

Marathon- Maine Marathon. I was going to do MDI, but I have been there done that and I have heard so many positive things about the Maine Marathon.

As a general goal, I am going back to my roots (the pool). I find that swimming is by far the most stress relief with not nearly as many blisters. Gosh I just hope to find the time to do it all, but as stated in my blog....I need the physical and mental health that exercise brings so here we go 2009! HERE WE GO!

Christine said...

After being inspired by you last year I started running in June after never having run in my life. I ran a few 5Ks and then decided to go for the gusto and attempt the Maine Half. I did it and finished in a respectable time - injury and all!

As for 2009, I plan to be able to wear a two piece bathing suit by summer (thankfully here in Maine that's later rather than sooner). I also plan to run some more races - slowly but surely.

I registered for the Maine Half Marathon in October yesterday knowing that I can switch to the full at any time. Depending on how my training goes (and how content Kristian is sitting in the Chariot during my training runs), I'm considering upping the ante and doing the MDI Half followed by the Maine Marathon in Portland.

A little wiggle room never hurts in setting those New Year's Resolutions!

PS If I could learn to swim, a triathlon would be a real accomplishment. I guess I should save something for 2010.

Christine said...

By the way, where did you see that shirt?

Tiercy said...

Okay, my turn.

I am going to run two half-marathons this year.
**The first one will be here in Utah called the Provo River Half and is good for beginners. It is a perfect downhill course through the mountains...beautiful!!!

**the second is the MDI Half in September. This is the one that I am most excited about, and the one that has motivated me thus far. I am going to cross that finish line!

Emilie said...

okay, i'll step out from my murky shadow life on this blog. (regular listener, first-time caller).

I'm Emilie's husband, but you already know all about that.

My goals:
- run my first half marathon with everybody else in the world on MDI.
- register more top-ten national swims in my master's swimming age group (40-44).
- compete in both fresh and salt open water swim races.
-get back into triathloning.

back to the shadows,

Lloyd said...

Happy New Year, Emilie!

My goals:
1. Get on a regular workout schedule
2. Find running routes that keep Junie (my two-year-old daughter) and me entertained
3. Run some ultras out here in Colorado
3. I'm signed up for the Umstead 100 miler in April but making it to the starting line is in doubt. The new city, job, and baby might delay my first 100 miler until later.

Michelle said...

First I wanted to say, "Yeah Sam! Good to hear from you in the shadows over there!"

OK I too have a goal to run in two half marathons this year!
The first is in May here in Frederick, MD.
The second is in September in Maine with you all!!

I will probably try to run a 10K sometime before the Half in May but I haven't looked for one yet!

Traci Cavendish said...

Hey Emelie! I would not have considered myself a runner. I ran my 1st 5K a year ago and I was so freaking nervous about it. Since then I have run 2 other 5Ks, an 8K, a 10K and a 10 Mile race! now I am hooked!!!

I am running the Rock'n Roll half Marathon in Phoenix, AZ on january 18. I am so excited!

I would also love to try a Triathalon this year. (But I need to save money to buy a bike 1st!) :)

SNW said...

I will run a 5k as soon as the snow melts! But more importantly, today I am getting a membership at the gym instead of saying I'll just use my sister's. My new ipod is very excited.

I also want to become a hardcore snowshoer instead of a lazy takin' in the view snowshoer. I hear today might help.. more snow!

And I want to learn how to rock climb.

And I definitely need to hike Katahdin again this year, maybe twice.

And I want abs.

READY, BREAK! Time to burn off all the cheese and bread from Europe.

Liesel Stevens said...

Hi. Sorry I'm late, but here goes. I'm aiming for the half marathon in Bear Lake, Utah on June 18th. If I actually succeed in becoming a runner, it will be because of Emilie, my source of running inspiration.

jenn said...

okay, a month later:
1) take a belly-dance class
2) hike Mt. Katahdin this summer
3) run a half marathon