Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pageant time again

Look at these angels, these shepherds, these sheep. (double click too and see the stars Skyler and I made and her earnest little face in the crowd of joyfully singing children).

2 months ago, I met with the priest at our church to chat about the pageant. Halfway through the meeting I realized that she was trying to ask me to direct it this year.

I said no. No. Too busy. Don't know anything about it. No idea how to do that. No time. (plus there is this tiny complication that I'm still not sure I'm a real Episcopalian).

Nevertheless, 10 minutes later, I was all:
"Okay, so I'll start working on the script and email you in the morning."

That's a good quality in a leader: she pulled a jedi mind trick on me without me knowing it by telling me how good I'd be at directing a pageant because I was so good with my students and next thing you know...

So, I was the director of the pageant this year. But I had a lot of help. And it was stressful and fun and it turned out beautifully. (Except for Reed who cried from the second we zipped up his sheep costume and wanted no other shepherd but Sam to hold him, so he was in the audience instead). I wish I had video of the kids singing "GOOOOOOOO Tell it on the Mountain!" with their perfectly cute o-shaped mouths and their wings a-bouncin.


Frederique said...

Okay, I have to admit I have never met you in person but only know you through your blog but I have to ask: How do you do it? I know it may sound corny but I could use some of that "je ne sais quoi" I can't really say, "you had me at hello", but I have to admit, from woman to woman, from mother to mother, from wife to wife and from teacher to teacher: you inspire me to keep working on everything...thank you

ann said...

To Frederique,

I am Emilie's aunt and I'm tellin' you--it would be worth a trip to Maine to meet her!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Em--spectacular stars!

Lisa said...

wow...and not to offend any other mom's that may be reading, but this bias aunt just has to say it...Skyler is just the cutest little angel there is!! Nice job, Mom!! (And the fact you got my brother there! Wow! - you have some magic jedi powers at work, too, I'd say!) Nice Christmas magic!

Heather said...

Lee have a video of the pageant that I believe he may have already put on DVD. If that is indeed the case, I will have it to you as soon as I get my hands on it.

beth said...

OK, now the Omom (grandmother) has to chime in. Seeing the joy in Skyler's face ( and the other children too) as they sang their songs and enacted their roles as perfect little angels truly brought tears to my eyes. Even Reed as the wandering lamb had its endearing moment. (I wish we had a photo of him in that suit.)

You did it , Emilie. Great job!!