Friday, January 16, 2009

Tidbits from the kids

Skyler cut her own hair. It's okay, it's just the FRONT PART.
When I saw it she said: "But it's going to be just our secret, okay?"

"Mom. We are so much luckier than tadpoles because we get to spend so much time together and they can't because the ice freezes over their heads."

Skyler: (about baby Lucy, her new tiny friend at Kimmie's)
"She just couldn't keep her eyes off of me while I was singing to her. When her mom got there, her eyes went to her mom and then right back to me."

This week I got the stomach bug that Skyler had last week. When I woke up Tuesday I said:
"Mommy is sick"
Skyler: "I know just how you feel."
Me: "When you get home from school will you snuggle with me?"
Skyler: "you bet."

My favorite micro-Reedisms:
A rooster says: doodle-ooooo
A kitty says: eeeee-mow

And I have this small conversation with Reed approx. 750 times a day:
Reed: Mommy?
Me: Yeah?
Reed: Hi Mommy.

(just checking in!)


Lisa said...


Paige said...

Thanks for the update. I always love to feel like I know what you're up to, even if it is the quiet moments of life. Cute kid-bits. I wish I knew them better.

Donna said...

Oh how funny is Skyler? I loved the hair cut comment lol. I still laugh sometimes thinking back to when she just couldn't understand why her Daddy didn't think all those stickers she'd covered her bed with were as beautiful as she thought they were! haha.

Your children are adorable Emilie :-)

maria. said...

when i was in the third grade, i got a hold of a pair of scissors, and i cut my own hair.

but i didn't stop there.

i then i cut my eyebrows. oh, but it gets better.

the day before picture day. it's a pretty awesome photo. my mom had been able to fix my hair as best she could. she remembers telling my teacher what happened, and he just grinned. it's a pretty phenomenal photo.

Adrienne said...

here are the conversations junie and i have 100 times a day:

"mom what are you doing mommmmmmy?"
"mom what are you looking at mommmmmy?"
actually, they're not conversations, because i'm not expected to answer. complete silence can follow and she doesn't mind.

so sorry you got sick. ugh. hope you've exorcised the demons already.

Rita said...

New email address -- something wrong with my account -- it's free!

love your blog
happy 2009