Monday, January 26, 2009

When things don't go as planned

Today is the first Monday of the 2nd semester. I have a thing about Sunday nights and Monday mornings. I need to have things ready and organized so that things go smoothly, or else, I fear, the whole week is thrown off. I had this feeling last night, like things needed to go well today, or else the whole semester was going to be thrown off.

Last night I fought hard against my sleepiness to finish my grading, planning, and clean the kitchen because I HATE waking up to a messy kitchen, especially on a Monday morning.

But this morning, here is how things went:
I needed to iron my pants, but the iron was broken.
So, I moistened them in the shower and threw them in the dryer.
But the dryer isn't getting hot (don't even talk to me) so I had to wear them damp and cold.
It was negative 20 degrees.
We didn't have time for Reed and Skyler to eat their breakfast.
We were out of the good coffee.
I picked up the phone to check voicemail. No dial tone.
We shoved the kids into their clothes, both unhappy.
We couldn't find either pairs of Skyler's boots, so after ripping through all the closets, I put her in her rainboots, knowing I would look like a bad mommy. It is -20 degrees after all.
When I got to Kimmie's, I started to get Reed out of the car when the neighbor who shares the driveway backed into my car with his van.
And I burst into tears. That was all I could take.
But then I realized that Skyler, if it had been a day that she got out at Kimmie's, could very well have been standing in the path of that van, and he would not have seen her.

The thought of what could have been has been haunting me all morning.

SO! How is that for starting off the semester?

Here's to a better start tomorrow! A normal week, please.


Meredith said...

Well, at the very least you've got your first blog entry of the week done before lunch on Monday.

Here's to the alignment of the stars that made sure your close call was nothing more than a close call...


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

Sorry you had such a rough day. Hope today was better. If it makes you feel any better, Cooper doesn't even have winter boots. Only rain boots. That's what he wears to play in the snow. And, no snow pants. Pathetic. Bad mommy here!!

jenn said...

what a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day! this couldn't have been worse if it was planned. hoping things get better soon...

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

Thought you would also get a kick out of the fact that a couple weeks ago all the schools were canceled here because it was -4 degrees in the morning. Pittsburghers are soft!!!

Paige said...

Emilie, you have a gift! How can you make something so awful as your morning sound so funny? I can't help but think that my laughter is equal to your tears!