Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just like that!

My dear and VERY pregnant Adrienne has been on my mind a lot, as her due date for her second baby was yesterday.

So, last night when I was online, I noticed she was too. I messaged her because I figured she was an unhappy and impatient mama and could use some lovin'. Here is our little chat:

8:00 PM me: honey?
are you there?
8:01 PM Adrienne: was just looking for your number!
me: should i call you right now?
Adrienne: we have news!
me: shut up.
Adrienne: yes
8:02 PM me: are you home?
Adrienne: yes
me: I'm calling you right now.


And I did, and guess what?

She had her baby, a girl, Jolee Lyn Abramson, that morning and she was home already! Just like that! Good work, Abramsons! We can't wait to meet her!