Sunday, February 8, 2009

on birthdays and happiness

Jason and I have very close birthdays so we often celebrate together. This year Meredith cooked us a huge, delicious feast and there was wine and there was much laughter and it was a good, good time. Actually, I haven't laughed that hard for such an extended block of time since I can remember. It may have been the wine combined with exhaustion from such a busy weekend, but man! Everything was just so funny, including me, or at least I thought so. All jokes aside, I am a lucky girl to have the friends I have.

Jason and I both love the Red Sox, in case you wondered, as does almost everyone else at the table (it's okay, Suzanne. we still love you).

This was last night. Today was my birthday. I'll go ahead and tell you that I'm 35 and feeling pretty good about it. Generally, I find that I'm happier and happier with every year that I age. I figure by the time I'm 80 I'm going to be whopping it up 24 hours a day. Hooray for getting older!

Here are the highlights from my day:

Sleeping late.
Breakfast in bed. (Me: "Skyler! This is so nice! Did you help Daddy make this?" Skyler: "No, actually.")
Reed's little birthday party (pictures coming).
40 degree and sunny weather!
a 4-mile outside run with Meredith that started out in the beautiful dusk light and came back under a full moon (I know, danger danger! running in the dark on icy sidewalks!)
Sam cooking dinner right now. Both kids asleep before 7pm.


Sarah said...

em. happy birthday. i look forward to your blog updates, i loved the video. reed and oliver could be twins; i have never met two kids so unafraid of the water. he really just throws himself off the edge just like reed does. i have to admit, i was a little relieved last summer when the pool closed after labor day; there's a certain level of anxiety that disappears entirely from my life when there is no pool around---- :)
you are an inspiration and i just love reading about all the great things you do with your kids. maybe this summer i can really come out to visit~! or you can COME HERE the next time you're headed to UT. WE ARE SO CLOSE!!!

ann said...

Great way to spend your birtheday!

Did you make Reed's pinata? I figure anyone who can fix a dryer can tackle a pinata! Really cute!

Cate said...

Happy Birthday Emilie! We had a great time seeing you and Sam. What a fun night. Reed's party was fun too. Sorry to miss it. I was asleep in 2 seconds in the car on the way home. This pregnancy thing is tiring! Can't wait to see how tired I get when the little one is here.
Hope to see you all again soon.

Donna said...

Oh Happy Birthday Emilie!! You haave described my perfect evening with your birthday celebrations, good friends, good wine and a great big birthday cake to top it all off!


Here's to the years just getting better and better :-)