Friday, February 20, 2009

School vacation

Our week is almost up. I started planning and grading today, which is the sure sign that the end is near. We are getting geared up to head back into this super-long stretch (that month that starts with M is coming), but we aren't going to start talking about that yet.

Reed officially gave up his nap because we can't keep him in his room. We tried each day and his antics were entertaining (coming down after 20 minutes wearing different pants and my hat, or singing to us through the heating vent in his room) but there was definitely no sleeping going on up there.

Sam and I got back on our regular (swim/run respectively) training schedules, we took the kids to the pool nearly every day, and did a bunch of projects, reading, snuggling, and baking.

Which was good, but I still wish we went somewhere warm{er}, {ish, even}.

This is my most impatient time of year. I'm going to work really hard not to dwell on it, this slow shift in seasons.
Maybe you can help.


SNW said...

The clouds are so fun in the kitchen! How nice of Skyler to share.. :)

ann said...

Hang in there. March passes and then April comes along with its spring break, and then it is all down hill and a wonderful time of year.

I always wondered why Lincoln or King couldn't have been born in March. It would have been very considerate of them.