Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Great Reedini

Yesterday, Sam installed a gate at Reed's door to contain him in his room during sleeping hours. We knew he is a good climber, so we put the gate about 6 inches off the ground to make it higher, and went to bed. I feared that when Reed realized he was trapped in his room, he was going to scream and yell.

Here's how it went down.

2:00 am. Sam wakes me up and says: "He's at the gate." (I felt like we were naturalists who had been waiting for some rare animal to approach our viewing station). Sam could see his door from where he was lying and gave me the play-by-play.

Reed rattled and looked curiously at the gate.
He stood quietly for about 20 seconds.
Then Sam said: "The blanket just came through the bottom of the gate. Here comes the pillow. Here comes his water. Here comes Reed's head. And he's out."

Reed happily climbed into bed with us and Sam and I were laughing so hard that Reed wasn't the slightest bit annoyed by the gate. Gate? No. Just a curious and ridiculous obstacle between him and his destination.

We put him back, and lowered the gate 2 inches.
2:30 am. Sam wakes me up again: "He's at the gate. Here comes the pillow. Here comes the blanket. Here comes his cup. Here comes his head. And he's out."

We put him back, and lowered the gate 2 more inches.
3:15 am. Sam says: "He's at the gate. He threw over his pillow. There's the blanket and the cup. He's trying to get under."
Reed calmly states: "stuck."
Reed pulls his head out and stands up and hops over the gate, grabs his stuff, and comes into our room. "Hi mommy! Hi Daddy!"

He then crawled between us, requesting each of us to hold one of his hands, and went soundly to sleep until we woke him up at 6:15.

Sam will be returning the gate to the store this afternoon. Now we really need to get creative.


Baute Family said...

I can't even begin to tell you how hard I was just laughing at reading that! Well, you could cement the door shut, because I don't see any other way! HAHAHA!!

Heather said...

I totally have the gate for your sleep issues. We own it if you want to test drive it.

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

I've heard a hook and eye latch at the top of the door works really well, on the outside obviously. They're cheep and it just might keep him in.

ann said...

The thing to remeber, Emilie and Sam, is that this too shall pass. I know it's hard to believe at 3am, but some day you will miss these antics!

From one whose's been there!

ann said...

I add that you have to appreciate Reed's determination and resourcefulness. It will stand him in good stead in his life.

Emilie said...

Even at 3 am, we thought it was hilarious. Maybe because we are sleep-deprived, it seems extra funny?

I am thinking of the hook and eye latch though it makes me nervous to not be able to see him in there. Who knows what he would do? Nothing would surprise me at this point. He might take apart his crib and build a ladder to climb out the window.

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

Get the baby monitor out and listen. Or, try and Reed proof his room, though I'm thinking he might think of things that would never occur to you! Won't it be fun to see how he channels all his energy as he gets older!?!?! Oh the things he will accomplish!!!

Tiercy said...

Hey Emilie, I had a friend whose child did the same thing. They ended up buying two gates and placing the one on top of the other. That way you would be able to still see him. Good luck with your creativity.

Frederique said...

you could always change his door to where there is glass in the middle and put a latch on the outside (very thick glass of course! Later you could put a curtain!

Michelle said...

How about a screen (glass... um bullet proof that is) door?!

Oh yeah... hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!