Friday, March 6, 2009

It's ironic, really

Sam is tied up for the next 4 days (can you guess doing what?) so I took the kids to the pool last night so I could have an easier evening.
After swimming, we all shower and get into pajamas, so all I have to do is feed them and off to bed, and my own dinner was in the oven when we left for the pool. Perfect!

Instead of a nice quiet evening, I ended up in the ER from 6-10 pm with Sam, Reed, and Reed's dislocated elbow. I tracked down Sam at his swim meet in a rather dramatic string of messages that ended up relayed to Sam as he got out of the water from a race as: "Get in touch with Emilie. It's Reed." (That's what he gets for refusing to have a cell phone). Needless to say, he called me in a total, utter panic, and then joined us at the hospital.

First I'm going to tell you Reed's version that he recounted for me this morning.

"Pool. Shower. Upside Down. Hurt. Arm. Mer Mer. Rozzle Dozzle. Kiss. Hospala. Hurt. Doctor. Fix it. Popsicle."

Which roughly translates to: "I went to the pool and after I took a shower, I hung on the handrail in the locker room and tried to flip upside down like Skyler was doing and I hurt my arm. After my mom realized something was really wrong, and I kept saying "HURT! ARM!" Mer Mer (Meredith) came over and Rozzle Dozzle (Rozzy) gave me a kiss while Mer Mer tied my arm in a home-made sling so it wouldn't move and then we went to the Hospala (hospital) where after waiting for 3 hours, the doctor fixed it by popping it back into place, while I screamed in agony. And then they gave me a popsicle."

This was finally the point when the evening got easier. The doctor gave Reed a popsicle to distract him, then asked for a high five, and Reed gave him one with his newly repaired arm.

And of course! We paused for some photos.
P.S. Meredith: the nurses were quite impressed with the t-shirt sling, and thanks for keeping Skyler safe and happy for us, and for being at my door step at the exact, precise moment that I needed a clear-thinking friend.


Baute Family said...

poor Reed-o.... he just wanted to be like his big sis. Hospital visits are never a good thing except when you are pushing one of those beautiful kids out. I'm proud of you that u had the camera onsite. that's my girl! by the way, i loved hearing ur voice on my machine....we'll talk soon.xoxo hope Reed is feeling better

Tiercy said...

Wow, poor little guy! What is it about boys and the emergency room?

Christine said...

Fortunately it was nothing worse than what it was! I'm glad you're all safe and sound.

Donna said...

Oh, poor little Reed! Gosh, how scary for you too, Emilie. You're mighty brave. I'd have been in the next bed having a sedative pumped into my veins!

I hope Reed is feeling better now :)

Michelle said...

Can you tell I'm catching up on reading your blog?

FINALLY you get to be treated to the ER! Fun ain't it?

Thank goodness it wasn't something too serious... hopefully now he is back to is calm, reserved, predictable self (hehehe).