Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lest she be forgotton

Skyler, my very funny and helpful girl, showing off one of her tiny little drawings she leaves in every corner of our house

Some good ones from the weekend:

Skyler, looking over Reed's shoulder while he scribbles on the Doodle-Pro:
"Wow, buddy. I really like your drawing. Are you working on an abstract?"

How Skyler has been answering me this weekend, unprompted. No idea where this came from:
"Yes, Your majesty?"

Skyler to Reed in the car:
"Do you want to work on a very very special project with me today?"
Me: "What are you thinking of, Skyler?"
Skyler: "It's a secret. Well actually, I don't know. I haven't come up with anything yet."

Skyler, on looking at Reed's totally rearranged room after his "nap time."
"Oh, What in tarnation!!!?" (Again, no idea where this came from)


Paige said...

Brenna leaves notes like Skyler leaves pictures. I love finding random notes from her either to Andy and me, or her brothers or fictional characters. It's so much fun.