Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Now will you believe me when I say my son is crazy? (PHOTO ADDED)

This is where Reed (well, his legs) made his magical appearance:

I'm pretty cute, right?

Here is Reed watching himself on video from a year ago,
back when he was innocent and easy.

I was asked by two friends if I stopped to take pictures of Reed during the climax of the following story. I have no pictures, and you'll see why.

We have a new trick to keep Reed in his room: latching the door shut. I rigged it so I can latch it while still being able to see into the room through a crack in the door. Perfect. He hasn't slept during nap time, but he does stay in his room at least, so I can get something done.

Last night, I put Reed to bed, latched him in, and sat down with Skyler in the family room. 10 minutes later, I heard a loud crack in the ceiling, looked up, and the heating grate had busted through and was hanging by one corner and Reed's legs were dangling through the hole. I jumped up and pushed his legs back up the hole as well as I could, said a prayer, and bolted up the stairs to pull him out of the hole. He was hanging there by his elbows. The scariest part? He wasn't really alarmed by this predicament. He giggled.

You see, there is a heating grate on his floor and he pulled it out and then put all his weight on the grate on the bottom which busted through. You see, I should have predicted he would have done that, knowing my son. There is now a very heavy (and low-to-the-floor) bookshelf atop the heating vent.

So, no, I don't have pictures of his legs dangling through the ceiling. But I will never forget the image.


beth said...

I'm not sure crazy is the right word--curious, mischievous, determined, ingenious, fearless and determined are a few that come to mind. As for last night's antics, I am speechless.

I would normally say "Hang in there" but under the current circumstances I am reluctant to use the term.

beth said...

Maybe it wasn't an accident that I said "determined" twice. One cannot underestimate Reed's unstoppable determination. But I meant precocious the second time.

Donna said...

Oh.My.Goodness!!! I would have simply fainted lol. Your Reed is very like my Sam and I do believe there will be a lot more blog posts to come about his antics!!

Michelle said...


Are you sure he isn't Drew's long lost twin?

I'm not quite sure how that would have even worked but GOOD GRIEF!!!!