Sunday, March 29, 2009

On Reed's good behavior and Sam's great swimming

It's about time I said something nice about Reed. He's been sleeping so well in his big-boy bed.

He's been peeing on the potty! I hadn't even considered potty training yet, so he surprised me. He's pretty excited about the whole thing.

He discovered a new way to sit in his high chair:

He sat perfectly still for his hair cut!


And he has been Daddy's most dedicated and excited swimming fan. Here he is watching Sam swim the 500 Free (live on the webcam at Harvard this weekend).

Which, by the way, he won for his age group with a time of 5:04 (SO FAST), and a 10 second drop from his seed time. Ridiculous.


Sam is having the meet of his life. We can't wait for him to get home tonight. He'll be so tired and so happy. He is swimming best times in everything he swims (15 events over 3 days). Other highlights, for those who are/were swimmers, 2:09 in the 200 IM and 55 seconds in the 100 fly. DAMN! We are currently waiting (the webcam window is open as I write) for his 200 backstroke. He should be getting in the water in about 15 minutes. This is his best event, so we're excited to see it. (love this webcam thing!)

The kids were so good, busy, and happy all weekend, so I was able to get a lot done. I made some home improvement decisions without Sam's input so we hope he's happy!.

I just got an update: Sam and 3 of his teammates from Maine Masters just broke the New England Record in the 400 Medley Relay (Sam swam fly) in 35+ age group and earlier today, the New England Record in the 800 Free Relay in the 25+ age group. That's a good day!


Tiercy said...

Wow, your boys are rockin' it!!! I am so excited for Sam. All his training has paid off. Reed is so darn cute! I love the pic of him on the potty.

Michelle said...

Ahhh Reed and Drew... were they twins in another life perhaps? ...except that I don't believe in that :)

Gotta love those "full of life boys!!"

Paige said...

Amazing swimming for Sam!! Noah dreams of that kind of grandeur one day. Love Reeds cute, cute face!! I have a poetry resource which I'm sure you've used before, but wanted to give you in case you hadn't.

I am so excited to hear your student this month. Cant' wait to see you. :)