Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Status quo

Skyler is still making us laugh with her one liners.

Showing me a "very beautiful" painting she did last night after dinner: "Are you jealous?"

Out of the blue, she said to me: "We NEVER go to the circus anymore."
(Um, we went once last year. She implies that we used to go every weekend and now the fun has stopped).

Reed still isn't sleeping in his crib.
Instead, we put him to bed, he stays for a minute, and then he packs up his pillow, blanket, book, and water and brings it all downstairs, looks all pleasantly surprised to see us there, and says in his friendliest voice: "HI Mommy! HI Daddy!"

Once we finally get him to stay in bed (which has lately been close to 8:00, thanks to Daylight Savings time... grrrr), he stays there until the middle of the night when he packs up his pillow, blanket, book, and water and brings them to our bed and climbs in between us. Which is adorable. But then he proceeds to thrash and twist and sit up fall back and crawl under me and rub my ear and none of us are sleeping well.

What do I do? It came to me in the night, that I have to put up a gate in his room and not let him out until dawn. Happy Times!


beth said...

Are you kidding!! How long do you think it would take for him to climb over the gate???