Monday, March 2, 2009

Super Nanny is here (updated)

Sam and I decided to initiate the super-nanny approach to keep Reed in his crib for bedtime and nap time. This means every time he gets out, we put him back without engaging him. When I did this with Skyler years ago, the first night she got up 45 times but then I won. It got easier from there.

Yesterday I was all psyched up for it because he was feeling better enough that I felt like I could lay down the law. I gave him my sternest-mommy face and said "NO GETTING OUT OF BED." I got all comfy in front of his door folding laundry prepared for battle.

And he went right to sleep. Foiled! (I mean, good job, Reed!)

But right now, as I write from the floor outside his door, he is doing his very best effort to win this nap-time battle. (But he won't win. I will win.)

We started at 12:30. It's 2:09. He climbs out. I put him back. He starts to climb out. I say from the door crack: "LIE DOWN. GO TO SLEEP." or, Suzanne's favorite, "REED GABRIEL!" (aren't I scary?) He climbs out, I put him back.

(But he's so cute and cuddly and his eyes are getting puffy! Super Nanny has to be so mean!)

Dear Reed, you are so sleepy! Please go to sleep so you don't have super-total-meltdowns all afternoon. And because I need to win. Love, Mommy.

Update: It's 3:05. He just fell asleep after screaming for the last 45 minutes. That sucked.


Christine said...

Now you have to wake him up so he'll go to bed at a reasonable time tonight. Bummer! Been there done that with Kristian. The joys of parenting :o)

Tiercy said...

Oh those so hard mommy moments! I have been so ready to do that same technique withe Laney; but, she has been great for the past month. That is until two nights ago when her older brother decided to go into her room and antagonize her. keep up the good work!