Sunday, April 5, 2009

destruction that's totally fine with me

I finally got organized and finished Reed's bedroom while Sam was away. The poor second child was a victim of a mishmash of leftover bedding and furniture, so I just needed to get rid of some mismatched stuff and do some color coordinating. And I disassembled and packed up the crib :(

So, here is what his new little room looks like:

Some notes for friends. Sylvia: See the hanging elephants? Nancy: See the beloved blue taggie? Susie: See the beautiful Reed blanket? Lila: See the red blanket and the newly painted rocking chair?

Okay, so here is what I find when I get him up from his "nap."

But sometimes, if I'm lucky, the banging around and crashing sounds stop, and when I go check, I find this (look in the lower left corner)

Oh please. Don't ever give up that butt-in-the-air sleeping position.


Frederique said...

I know, I never quite understood how they could sleep and stay asleep that way but both Quencie and Daren-James did! too cute!

Carver Fam said...

Oh, my Reedo. You are a big boy. Great job on the room, Em. What could be cuter than him sleeping on the floor with his blue blankie and his diapered bum raised to the heavens, weary from the destruction of his newly decorated bedroom. It reminds me of when our golden retriever used to shred seaweed on the beach and frantically run from pile to pile, shredding as fast as he could, utterly defeated by the amount of seaweed left as the tide went out. "So much work to do," I would imagine him thinking. Reed couldn't sleep until the disassembly was complete...

miss you. love, suz

Michelle said...

I love that you take pictures of stuff like this!! You help me more and more to see the humerous side of things. Usually I just get ticked off. But now... now I take pictures and laugh!

Thanks Reed and Emilie!