Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter mornin'



hey! look! (no at the baskets, not at my crazy hair!)

hello? chocolate?

there are eggs all over this house!

good job on the dress, easter bunny.

hey reed, where are you going with those?

oh. i see.

happy easter!


beth said...

Boy, that last shot of Reed in Skyler's new dress is one to save for his prom night, if he doesn't find an effective way to take his revenge first!!

Tiercy said...

this is a cute post. And i have almost the exact same before and after pictures, only I haven't posted mine yet. The dress is darling.

Frederique said...

very precious! Reed still looks like a boy even wearing a dress...

Michelle said...

How funny is it that I have a picture of Drew dressed up as a princess with Julianna.

Those silly wild boys!!!