Sunday, April 26, 2009

Helllooooo Washington!

I'm here for Poetry Out Loud Nationals, and
this ain't the Motel 6:

We made it to the beautiful, green, warm, summery Washington DC this afternoon. The flights here are worthy of a blog post all their own simply because of the fact that it was such an uneventful and lovely day of traveling. It was the first time since having kids that I've traveled without them, and let me tell you. I stopped myself after the fifth time I said out loud... "DO YOU REALIZE HOW RELAXING THIS IS? I MEAN, I'M READING REAL SIMPLE AND NO ONE HAS THROWN UP ON ME!"

Right now I'm sitting in my hotel room watching the Sox game in high def on a TV that might cost more than my house. Okay, well the sheets on this bed plus the flat screen TV plus the bathroom towels = more than my house.

I feel a little bit like Annie when she first arrives at Daddy Warbucks' house. You know, I've stayed in nice hotels before, but this place is a big deal. Rumor has it the room I am staying in right now went for one million dollars for inauguration weekend. I did NOT take pictures of the gigantic fresh flower displays, or the TV, or the fresh-fruit-infused water in the lobby, or the seriously beautiful fitness room, or the extra-fancy Starbucks in the lobby of this hotel because that would just be embarrassing.

This place was a bit crazy when we arrived so my room was "not ready." I drank some fruit-infused water and looked up at the pretty chandeliers for almost 2 hours before it was "ready" (again, seriously not complaining. I did not have even one toddler to chase). The Marriott decided to "upgrade" me because of the delay, so now I'm up on the top floor with this view:

Did I mention that it is 90 degrees here?

And if I step out onto the balcony and look left:

Oh wait! I almost forgot! I am not here just to revel in the fanciness of this place. Tomorrow at 9 am is my student Will's poetry performance. We just completed his final rehearsal and he is so so ready. No matter what happens tomorrow morning (whether he makes it back for Tuesday night's finals or not) he is going to do a fantastic job, and I am more honored to be here than I can say. I just can't get over how cool it is that the Poetry Foundation rolls out the red carpet like this for teachers and high school students.

I do miss my family, both my kids and Sam AND my sister and mom, both true-blue Washingtonians. I wish everyone was here to share in the fun. But really, it's pretty relaxing knowing Skyler and Reed are safe at home with Daddy. The balcony outside my hotel room? Reed would definitely jump over the railing if he were here.

Early start tomorrow... I'll be back.


beth said...

Hi Emilie (and Mommy,)

We (Skyler and I) are sitting here looking at those gorgeous photos of the hotel and Washington.
We wish we were there with you. Skyler says "I Love You Mommy."

And soon we are off to her school. Please give Will our wishes for a "knock em dead" day.

Enjoy the day and give the Obamas our love.

Love you tons

Mom and Skyler

Frederique said...

you take such phenomenal pictures!!!Enjoy your time and smell every flower on your way...

Tiercy said...

Okay, so now I am completely homesick! great pics.