Monday, April 13, 2009

In case you don't hear from me:

Here is part of an email I just sent to Sam to coordinate our week: (man, do we need a vacation)

Monday: I pick up kids. you swim. I don't run.
Tuesday: You pick up the kids, I stay for late NHS meeting, I run before coming home, you swim at 6:30.
Wednesday: I pick up kids, bring them home and go back to school for Mosaic meeting. You swim at 6:30. I go to soccer at 9 pm.
Thursday: I pick up kids, I go to Bangor library for poetry event at 4:45 and go to the gym after to run. You don't swim.
Friday: I pick up kids. you go to swim practice and meet us at my mom's for dinner.
Saturday: long run for me. o'reillys and carvers come for dinner.


gwswenson said...

I actually came to your blog from MckMama's comments section, so I apologize that my comment is unrelated to this posting of yours. First, you children are SO adorable. Second, the reason I am writing at all is that I felt so strongly in agreement about what you wrote in her comments related to the Easter post that I just wanted to chime in and also THANK YOU for writing that. I have written nice comments that also differ in opinion to Jennifer's and she most often deletes them, so I am no longer brave enough to do so. But thank you for writing that. I feel so strongly about offering my support for that baby, but it is getting difficult to take some of the posts that are written. Anyway, amid the majority of comments agreeing with her, you have a like-minded soul who actually agrees with one of her 'supporting dissenters.'

Tiercy said...

Sounds like you need Spring Break! busy busy busy bees.