Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day

The first Red Sox game was rained out.

We're not happy about it.

But we'll get through it together.

Until tomorrow at 4:05.


Michelle said...

Girl, you crack me up! Why were they crying, really?

Emilie said...

they are crying about the red sox, of course! (okay, it's because reed bit skyler on the back and reed had a time out. but still. none of this would have happened if we were watching the sox game!) :)

beth said...

Oh the misery--it breaks my heart. Maybe it was because NC beat Michigan State!?! Can you believe--
I actually watched part of it (but then I got sleepy and went to bed.) I really think the tears are because we have now had a solid week of rain. Enough already. How about some cherry blossoms!!!!

Lisa said...

Hilarious! Not the biting, of course, but your blogs are fantastic! Give Skyler a kiss from Aunt Lisa. I remember those chops and how hard they bite. OUCH! I commiserate...and almost a year of growth must have made the chompers that much stronger. Poor girl. Hope you got your Sox fix in by now.