Monday, April 27, 2009

Poetry Outloud Update

Here are the 18 Performers from the 18 states in our "region." Will is the 4th from the left.

Here are the top four winners who go on to National FINALS. Will is on the far left.

(left to right: Maine, Ohio, Vermont, Virgina)

What does this mean? That he made the top 12 and goes on to the final event tomorrow night, judged by, among others, Garrison Keillor. And the event is hosted by Scott Simon (of NPR fame) and Natalie Merchant (of 10,000 Maniacs fame) is performing. And we are all a little emotional over here.

After lunch, Will and I headed over to the Old Post Office Building where the NEA recording studio is and Will recorded 2 of his poems for the archives.

Then I made Will pose for a bunch of photos (see the Capital?)

And then I walked here: Hello Mr. Obama. Are you in there?

The other highlight of my day is that my Aunt Ann and cousin Paige, both former English teachers and poetry lovers, drove in from Virginia this morning to see the event with me. They got really into the competition with me and we had fun debriefing and critiquing between recitations. We all jumped for joy when Will's name was called. Ann is even coming back tomorrow night to see the Finals.

Then we went out for a great, long lunch and caught up. Because of a bit of a time crunch and an unfortunate parking garage situation, our departure was a bit hurried, and we didn't get a picture of the three of us. (Paige and I are both bloggers who like to document such meetings... I guess we'll have to wait for September, Paige!)

Think of Will Tuesday at 7 pm... the big show.


Meredith said...

So amazing.

I can't imagine what it must feel like to be there.

I'm listening to the classical program with Suzanne Nance on MPBN right now, and she just spent about 90 seconds talking about Will and the fact that he's made it "into the top twelve of over 300,000 contestants nationwide." You could hear the excitement in her voice when she talked about how "we're going to invite Will to come on and read the selections he's chosen here on MPBN, as soon as possible, or as soon as he's back in Maine."

In my view, you're not a REAL celebrity until you've made it on to public radio.

Clearly, Will has :)

Enjoy the rest of this mighty adventure!


Frederique said...

This must be such a great feeling to be a teacher and to be able to feel such joy and admiration of one of your student...way to go Will! way to go Em!