Monday, April 20, 2009

Skylerisms and other news

Here are three examples of my daughter's typically dramatic tendencies. I find it extra funny (as I think we all do) when small children try to talk like adults. Dramatic adults. Like me.

"Mom. I don't know how I could ever thank you for this dinner" (chicken and broccoli)

"Mom. It seems we have a mystery on our hands." (Can't find Reed's shoe)

"Hello People!? Can we get a vitamin over here?"

In other news, we are on spring break and enjoying the sunny weather and longer, brighter days. I'm finally on antibiotics after 10 days of coughing, congestion, achiness and general malaise. Two pills later and I'm feeling good, and am off to the gym to celebrate. The half marathon is coming right up so I am anxious to get back on the training plan.

Today is the Boston Marathon and an early Red Sox game, such a big day in New England. AND the Red Sox are not in last place anymore. Meredith keeps telling me she thinks we could qualify for Boston if we really worked at it over many, many years. So I checked the qualifying times, and I feel confident that I could, at my current pace, make the cutoff for the 80 years + age group (I'm not kidding). So, maybe if I can just hang on tight to my pace for the next 45 years. IF, that is, if I can even FINISH a marathon. Hello!


Christine said...

Too funny, Emilie! Keith and I were talking about the qualifying times for Boston last night and laughed about the fact that I'd have to stick with the 80+ group myself. Glad you're feeling better.