Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Break: part one

A week (the first half) in pictures

The O'Reillys came to stay:

The playground is a normal part of our routine again (praise the lord):

There were meltdowns:

There was napping in the car:

Rock throwing at Omom's:

Look at this form!

The neighbor's pup:

We're off to Boston for a spontaneous vacation. More pics coming.


Michelle said...

Gorgeous photos!

Love the sleeping in the car shot! I need to get me one of those.

Boston? Visiting MckMama? Say HI to Stellan!

SNW said...

Gosh, you and that camera. I, too, love the rearview shot! And the ace form. And Skyler/Reedo sobby hugs. I would love to get in on this playground action ASAP. xo

Nancy said...

The phrase "spontaneous vacation" is SO not in my vocabulary. Jealous!! [but have fun anyway]

Tiercy said...

What a great spring break. Okay, maybe I was focusing on what I wasn't suppose to, but I LOVE your shoes! The ones from omom's house. Where did you find them?