Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breaking News: Students experience pure joy when released from classroom walls.

(it's okay if you want to double click on this photo and laugh at my mid-air expression)

Mid-week field trip to Acadia National Park with Outdoor Lit and Outdoor Leadership!
And, it happened to be the first true summery day, 90 degrees (but not atop the breezy mountain!) and sun sun sun.

We climbed.

We looked at the ocean.

We sat and wrote in journals.

We did some yoga at the top.

And then we started jumping.

And flexing our muscles while jumping.

And then we hiked down, and we jumped into the lake.

And then everyone laid themselves out on the rocks like seals to dry in the sun and then we drove home happy and sun-kissed.


Baute Family said...

And remind me again that you get paid for doing this?? I am so jealous! hahahaha....what a wonderful class you have created!

SNW said...

Those "Word" shirts-- Mosaic?! Neat!

Tiercy said...

Emilie, you blend right in with the kids. When you said we could blow it up and laugh at your mid-air expression, i was so sure you weren't in the picture. What a perfect day!!

Lisa said...

cool cool cool! cool kids, cool place, very cool teacher!