Sunday, May 31, 2009

Funny things and pretty things

Lest you thought that I was only ever going to write about running and fundraising on this blog, some "isms" for you:

Skyler, telling me why she hopes she has a daughter and not a son someday:
"Girls are my very favorite type of children."

Reed, when he gets in trouble for something, puts his head in his hands and says this:
"I really tired. I really sad too."

And my personal favorite: Reed calls all birds "chickens," and when he sees a bird, he says "Wook! Chicken!" This morning, we were watching a robin in our backyard and when it flew away, he stood on the deck and yelled:


Onto pretty things. In preparation for my pie baking, I went to my friend/colleague Tori's house and she cut us a pile of fresh rhubarb from her garden, and took Skyler by the hand for about 30 minutes of walking around her garden to choose the flowers for a bouquet that would be just perfect enough for a gift for Daddy.

The tragedy here is that I made 3 pies and gave them all away. Smart! So, our house smelled ridiculously good, and we had narry a bite. I'll have to remedy that this week.


Carver Fam said...

Oh, my my. What beautiful specimens of nature and of your crafty hands. Mucho impresso with the latice work top, my friend.

I drove past your house today (went to pop in but you weren't there which is okay because Maya was crying in the car and I admit I was using you and your kids as a potential distraction) and I thought- Oh, my goodness! She is going to run 26.2 miles!! Yes, the money raised is impressive, but of far less difficulty if you ask me...

You should run out to the farm and run back with your veggies on your back...