Wednesday, May 13, 2009

These kids are getting the best of me

This happened to me:

I had to give Skyler a time out, and I said: "GO into the living room for a time out!"

And she calmly said:

"Mom. This is the living room."

So I sent her to the dining room, and then noticed that Reed had wiped his spaghetti sauce hands on the new couch pillow.

I needed to regroup. I went to the fridge and made a heaping spoonful of whipped cream and then poured chocolate syrup on top of that and when I had my mouth wide open about to indulge, Skyler came into the kitchen to tell me there was a spider in the time out corner, and she said. "MOM?! What are you DOING?!"


Baute Family said...

NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love that story!! I can just picture you about to indulge in something like a big heaping bowl of whip cream and of course it's ruined by the kids! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! It probably feels like when Cody comes and pats on my tummy and calls it the "yummy tummy".....makes me feel so good about my pooch i have attached to the front of my body!

SNW said...

..I hope you still ate it!

Michelle said...

This is precisely why I keep my face in the fridge when I am about to indulge and don't want to share the vision OR the bite(s).

So funny!

Donna said...

HA! Too funny. My kids caught me one day, just before the Easter Bunny was due to deliver, with my head in the fridge, gob wide open, just about to bite the top off a secret Easter egg I had stashed in there.

I heard a noise next to me and turned, mouth open, egg poised to see my (then) six year old standing there looking at me in complete shock!

I lied, told him it was an old one from last year :P