Monday, June 22, 2009

I sacrifice because I love him

After our Father's Day breakfast and Sam's opening of gifts and cards from the kids and me, I decided to give Sam our anniversary present too, so I didn't have to sit on the surprise anymore (It's in a month).

Here is what it said:

Dear Sam,

For our anniversary this year, do you want to go on a date with me?

And stay in a hotel?

And out to dinner?

And after dinner, do you want to watch the Sox?

Play the Yankees?

At Fenway?

And then after the game, walk back to our hotel and spend the night there without any kids?

You do? Okay good. Because I thought that sounded like fun too.

August 21st. Friday night. Sox-Yanks.

Happy Anniversary.


This present is totally selfless, and I am more than happy to make this sacrifice for my dear, loving husband.

{I got the coveted friday night sox-yanks tickets from my former student who works for the red sox... score!)


Tiercy said...

Nights without the kidlets are priceless!! I am so glad that you will have that fun outing to look forward to. Awesome!!!

ann said...

What a sacrifice, Emilie. I can't believe that you are really agreeing to go to a Sox game. You will just have to endure.....

So the question becomes: what will he give you for an anniversary present? More Red Sox tickets?

Have a great time!