Tuesday, June 23, 2009

it's not that i'm complaining

You might think I'm exaggerating if I tell you that it has been raining for about 3 weeks with only tiny glimpses of the sun about two times. And you also might remember that I wrote about making the best of the rain, and putting on the rain coats and heading out with a smile.

But really? Seriously? This is definitely testing my limits. I mean, we work hard in Maine to survive the winter and "spring" in order to enjoy our reliably gorgeous bright, crisp summers. I'm simply running out of ideas to keep the kids (and myself) happy on rainy days.

Sam actually did a great job with them today while I had to work part of the day. They went swimming and played "clean up the house!"

I thought I was doing a pretty job remaining chipper despite my need for a good sun soak. We even went to the farm for our farm share pick up today and did the whole walk to see the animals despite the rain. It was really only drizzling by that point, and we consider that to be beautiful weather.

do you see what has happened to reed? he's a boy, not a baby.

Skyler prides herself on picking out the best vegetables and flowers from each bin.

We are eating the best, freshest salads every night. That much is true.

When we got home, everything felt damp, everyone was cranky, and Reed hit me in the head with a plastic toy box. At that point, Skyler got settled at her desk to make me a card, and she asked me if I could help her spell this sentence:

So much for keeping control of my emotions.

If we don't see the sun in the next couple of days, I'm going to need to send for backup.


Baute Family said...

I love you em.... your blog makes me so happy to read... and i feel like i'm still connected to you in some way when i read your daily "stuff." Thank you! So you may not want to look tomorrow on my blog when i update it with the maui pictures... that may take you over the edge!

Melissa said...

Ms. Manhart! I myself do not know what to do! I mean really what do we do? Pack and drive somewhere really far away? Sit and wait it out? I actually thought of you today, when I was feeling miserable for myself, and I thought "she has children to entertain, not just herself!" Then I thought of you again when I saw Mrs. Venteralli (sp??) at Massimo's tonight! Goodluck xo