Saturday, June 13, 2009

Skyler's last day of school

At the beginning of this school year when Skyler started pre-school, her teacher started a monthly collection of pages that Skyler wrote her name on. The September page has a backward S, and the June page neatly states: SKYLER MANHART.

The girl loves to practice her letters; on any given day, we find about ten pieces of paper around the house that say:
Skyler Manhart Daddy Mommy Reed.

Friday was the last day of school, with a celebration honoring the director of her school who is retiring after 20 years. Skyler's class did a little skit where they spelled out the name of the school, and each child said what they would miss about John. Skyler had "P" for "the pats he gives us on our heads." Her performance was {shocking} enough to make me cry, her little stage debut, her little voice so clear and confident!

(a lot of kids were absent... there are usually 7 in her class)

Skyler had a weird relationship with school this year, and I'll be interested to see how that develops next year in Kindergarten. She was rarely excited to go, and was always happier when it was a stay-at-home day, but once she was there, she was really good and interested, and always happy when I picked her up. She wasn't sad that school was done for the year though. She, like all of us, is ready for summer.

Saying good bye to Ms. Kathy...