Thursday, June 25, 2009

there is hope for humanity

because we finally got the sun-soaked day we have been waiting for. I am a new person.

Sam is off to Vermont seeking some swimming glory at the long course meet, and when the sun came out, we headed straight for the ocean. We picked up my mom and headed to Lamoine State Park which was a new one for us. It was pretty, and the best part, totally deserted! We were the only ones there. Wide open spaces!

Tiny Skyler having a moment with the sea.

Skyler has developed a new camera pose. I have no idea what she is doing with her elbow.

Omom love

Before heading home, we chatted with some lobstermen out to drop traps in the bay. I've been trying to describe to Skyler how lobsters can get into the traps but can't swim out, and they kindly showed her how it works.

heading out to catch dinner for the tourists.

On the drive home, I felt like I wanted to drink the sunlight and hang my head out the car window like a dog. I appreciated every golden drop of sun today, and I'm storing it up for the week ahead (many thunderstorms in the forecast).


ann said...


Now, I do have to declare, in public, that the Washington Nationals, something like 4-22 beat the Boston Red Sox last night.

With love to Emilie, Sam, and Skyler! And Reed too when he gets old enough to understand!