Saturday, June 6, 2009

This post does not know what it wants to be about

I keep thinking I'm going to blog about something other than the marathon and the fundraising, but we just aren't up to much that is that exciting. We've had some fun play dates and a family swim this weekend, but no new photos. Tomorrow my school will graduate another 350 seniors while I sit in my black cap and gown and well up while they take their diplomas and head off on their way. And then I'll have a bunch of new friends on Facebook because they've been told for a year that I'll accept their "friend requests" when they graduate.

I am writing from a Saturday night during a Sox game after eating steak fajitas and a piece strawberry rhubarb pie that came out of the oven a few hours ago. Not too bad, I'll admit.

Today when the mail came, Skyler ran out to the mail box and carried back to me a stack of envelopes all containing donation checks to LLS on my behalf and hand-written notes or letters. When is the last time I've gotten hand-written notes in the mail? Can't remember. An added bonus to this whole process I hadn't anticipated.

The pile of donations I got today put me over the 50% mark, which I find to be quite remarkable in about 3 weeks. It's overwhelming to feel this supported and to be building such a nice gift together for LLS. Today I got one check from Rich Kent, my advisor and very favorite professor from my graduate work at UMaine, for $26.20. (get it?) How clever and adorable.

Other notable contributors to my fund, besides so many of my friends, family, and colleagues:
My first grade teacher, parents of former students, my realtor, the father-in-law (whom I've never met) of my dear friend Christie, a friend of my sister-in-law's who reads the blog in Japan and whom I've never met (Hi Cat!), and another blog reader who is training for a marathon in South Dakota whom I've never met (Hi Shannon!). This all makes me feel swirly with love and gratitude.

And then there is Reed, who said something that Sam and I have been giggling about it all day. He calls the plastic toy computer his "pooter" and the pink princess scooter of Skyler's his "cooter" and today it all came together when he saw them both on the floor in the garage,
"Oh No! My pooter! My cooter!"


Carver Fam said...

Okay, almost peeing myself about the "pooter cooter"...

Cat said...

Thanks for the shout out! LOL here over the cooter and pooter story!

Michelle said...

I almost can't type I'm laughing oh so hard!

That is hilarious!