Sunday, July 26, 2009

and counting

Double click to read... a note from the Executive Director of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

We are up to $4,573.20. So proud of us!

Today ended week 8 of marathon training, which leaves 12 weeks to go.

I drove to Cape Elizabeth this morning (Portland, two hours south) to do the long run with the Team in Training Team and our coach Jeanne whom I've been emailing with but had never met. Everyone was so nice, and it was great to run in a pack for the first leg of the run. Everyone is running different distances because we are all training for different races, so most everyone was running 7 miles today and I was running 11.

Today turned out to be a real shot in the arm for me (the one who is ever fretting about the long runs) because:
I slept terribly, maybe 3 hours?
I had to get up at 4 am to drive to Cape Elizabeth.
After the first 4 miles, I had to run the rest on my own because everyone took a different turn.
It was hilly!
It was raining!
I had no idea where I was going! (I had some cryptic directions written on my hand that started to wash away as it rained harder)

All this, and I still felt totally in control and fine with running 11 miles. It felt good. I loved running in the new scenery, and Cape Elizabeth is right on the coast so it smelled like sea air and someplace vacationy and far away.

Next week is 12, and I get to run it with my sister-in-law Lisa in Michigan, and we have a nice course plotted that runs up the scenic drive right on Lake Michigan. Not too much longer and I'll be entering the new territory of MORE THAN 13.1. That'll be fun. Right?


Cat said...

Go Emily and Lisa (wow, I called you Lisa, Lili)! I have been doing 30 to 40 minute runs since getting to the U.S. I always run when I am here, something I can't bring myself to do in Japan. Jealous of you regular runners and so proud of you both!!!