Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a Maine summer redeemed

After facing the rainiest month in my entire life, July has really been looking up. I needed some reminders about why I live in this state, because I almost packed us up and left.

Moosehead Lake had some reminders. My mom and the kids and I headed up to Lily Bay for the day.

Did you know that Maine has a few state slogans? They have been ringing true for me again, finally.
"Maine: The way life should be."


"Maine: Worth a visit. Worth a lifetime."

the freshest, cleanest, coldest lake around.

A few days later, we headed south to meet up with my aunt Ellen, uncle Dickie, and cousin Brianna who are on the east coast from California for a while. Freeport!

Skyler latched right onto cousin Brianna. Cousins, reunited!

"I love you, you cool, grown-up cousin with the iphone!"

and one for the road.


Tiercy said...

so jealous! wish I could have been there. I think Skyler's looks are changing.