Sunday, July 5, 2009

many layers of love and cake

Here is the explanation of what we did with all (well, some) of those strawberries:

When Kim, the woman who watches my kids while I'm at work, and also watches Meredith's daughter Rozzy, and who has become a dear friend to us, told us she was going to get married this summer in a very small backyard ceremony, Meredith and I asked her if we could please help her by baking her wedding cake and making her bouquet. Neither of which we had ever done before, unless you count the gathering of a bunch of snapdragons tied with a ribbon that I carried down the aisle at my own wedding.

Meredith and I love this type of challenge. We did our research, created a plan based on the combination of a few different recipes, chose the picture on Martha Stewart weddings that we were aiming for, and set to work.

The wedding was tiny, 15 people, so we didn't really need a big cake, but we ended up with a cake that definitely would feed 40, at the least.

We used this much butter:

and 36 egg whites.

and made 5 sheets of cake

and whipped up 4 batches of butter cream frosting.

and squeezed 12 lemons.

and measured the layers with tape measure:

Each tier had 3 layers. It went like this: each layer was brushed with the lemon syrup that we made with the 12 lemons. The first layer was spread with strawberry jam, the second layer was spread with frosting, and then the third layer on top. Bottom: 11 x 11 inches. Middle 8.5x 8.5. Top 5 x5. All the egg whites made the consistency really good to work with, really strong, and not crumbly at all. We anchored each layer with drinking straws, a tip I learned on some wedding cake website.

Then we did two coats of butter cream and covered it in berries.

Ta Da!

Isn't she pretty? We lifted it up (it seriously weighed 20 pounds) and drove it to Kim's house (slow and steady with the turns!)

and it still looked just right the next morning for the wedding.

and here is how the bouquet turned out.

And just to show you why Kimmie means so much to us, check out how our daughters
look at her:


Tiercy said...

wow. beautiful. very.

So, this is funny because my newest goal, vocalized for the first time this past week, was taht I want to make my children's wedding cakes. I love those square pans. Where did you find them? I had a square wedding cake and loved it.

great job to you guys.

Tiercy said...

I forgot to ask where you found your cake recipe? I am assuming it's from scratch. I've never made a cake from scrath, how did it turn out?

Natalie said...

That cake looks both beautiful and yummy.

Lisa said...

See....I told you I had you pegged...Ms. Martha Gilbert! Look at that Martha shining through. Awesome! And nice guest post about your wonderful husbands, Meredith. I want one of those drinks, Sam!! I hope the ingredients are available in Michigan! (Sorry for the over multi-tasked message.)