Monday, July 6, 2009

Mer Mer: Guest Blogger, on The Men in Our Lives

There are two reasons that I couldn't resist being a guest blogger on the Manhart family blog:
1. My friends will often begin conversations with, "hey, I saw on Emilie's blog that you blanked at the blank blank this weekend," and
2. I was invited to write a post. About The Day That The Cake Was Made.

See, though, here's the thing...

While we were making The Cake (or, on another day, running, or shopping, or out for drinks, or out to dinner, or rehearsing for The Vagina Monologues, or throwing a shower, or cooking a five-course meal for fourteen, or doing a 60-mile AIDS walk from Bear Mountain to the Upper West Side), the men were busy. as. bees.

Chasing after toddlers.

Administering times-outs.

Changing diapers.

Buckling car seats.

Issuing orders to wash your hands, give that back, stop using the bike pump to pressurize soccer balls to the point of explosion...

In addition to, in Sam's case, cooking this meal:

for your wife and her BFF to eat with the wine they tossed into the cart with their four pounds of butter and 64 ounces of cream cheese.

Grilled pork with a Thai-peanut sauce, roasted russet potatoes, grilled onions, and fresh greens tossed with Assorted Farm Share Vegetables.

Here's to you, Sam. And Jason. Thanks for holding down the fort so that the wives can take their best shot at saving the world one three-tiered, cream-cheese-frosting-covered, berry-accessorized wedding cake at a time.

However shall we celebrate your collective conquering of Mt. Father/Husbandhood?

How about with the debut of the 2009 Manhart Cocktail of the Year?

Drumroll, please...

Sammy's Summer Sunshine.

The recipe for SSS, as with all Manhart family beverages, is a secret passed on from father to daughter. Seriously. While I was standing over the KitchenAid pouring confectioner's sugar into the buttercream, I heard this from the dining room:

"Okay, Skyler. Watch carefully. You're the ONLY ONE who gets to know what goes into Daddy's special drink."

Whatever it is, it's good. If there were no delivery of The Cake involved, I would have had two or more.

Like Sam:

Cheers, Dads!

(And apologies to Jason who, sadly, in his fatheringx3 which took place 1.8 miles away, was unable to partake of both the food and beverages pictured above. But don't worry, J... Sam has promised both bigger and better before the equinox...)


Emilie said...

oh my goodness. i love checking my own blog and finding such loveliness. thanks for doing that, and well done, and you are welcome anytime, and so right about the dads and what they allow us to do. with much love,

Tiercy said...

What a great post!! I love the candle light dinner for you and Sam. Those drinks look yummy.