Friday, July 17, 2009

this is how we do: a day at the lake

The O'Reilly gang had us up to the lake house in Lincoln,
or as they say in Maine,
"upta camp"

The big kids entertained themselves almost the whole day playing a game that was, as far as I could gather, a combination of: pirates, villains, sick children, hospital, harry potter, and super heroes. Skyler really only knows about these things from Killian and Beckett and I kept hearing her say things like: "Quick! Over here! The shadow of secrets!" or "Doctor, I'm a hurt baby and a villain is coming!"

If swimming, boating, roasting hot dogs on the fire aren't enough, there's a giant chalkboard.

home made chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches rolled in rainbow sprinkles: beat that.

okay, i'll beat that:


Meredith said...

What a fun day.

Thanks for the salad, the bread, the scones, and for making the trip.

And the cookies, the cookie-ice cream sandwiches...

Make shu-ah ya git bahck up tuh camp real soon now, ya he-ah?

Paige said...

Love the smores!! We gave them out at our last home meet and the kids went wild for them. Nothing beats a smore!! Looks like a great day.

Lisa said...

so much gorgeousness, but I just wanted to make a comment to Meredith, who I have never met, but have heard about throughout the years.... LOVE THE HAIR DO! VERY CUTE! and all of your kiddies are so cute as well.

Meredith said...

Thank you, Lisa.

What I love most about the hair is that it requires only 2.5 minutes of my time these days, washing included.

Perhaps one day we'll meet on the main road b/t Japan and Hampden :)