Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is not who you think it is

No, we didn't get a puppy, yet, but we are in the market. This is Kimmie's new dog that Skyler is, well, obsessed with. The kids spend one day a week at her house (sweet, uninterrupted, indulgent time for mommy to run, read, and think clearly). When Kimmie got a brand new pup, Skyler spent the entire day over there holding "Buddy"(poor guy) and came home begging, pleading, drooling for us to get a dog.

The problem is, every time I think about it, I realize that what I want is a 60 lb black lab/ shepherd mix, with one crooked ear, that is sweet, calm, and gentle and whose name is Charlie. I still miss my boy.

We're getting closer, and we might be making a trip to the Humane Society very soon. Like after nap time?

I mean, look at Skyler's face!


Just got back from the Humane Society where we went just to "look" and there were a lot of cute dogs there, but they were all barking their heads off, except for one, a 6 month old perfect, adorable shepherd/ lab (blonde) who was gentle and loving and perfect. She was not barking, just standing there looking regal and stoic. There was a sign on her kennel: "adopted." Even so, we decided to stab some needles into our hearts by sitting with her for 10 minutes while she licked our hands and gave us lovey eyes. Skyler named her Lucy, and called her Lucy-loo.

I left with a heavy heart. I underestimated how quickly I could fall in love with the right dog. We'll go back next week. Skyler left with an extra heavy heart because besides her Lucy-loo, she wanted all 25 dogs and all 85 cats, and the 6 rabbits too, and I had to drag her out of there.


Michelle said...

sniff, sniff... yes there are tears in my eyes

My other motto(besides "I'm gonna be my fittest at 40"): Life's just no good without a dog!

We got our sweet (rotten) silly girl from the pound 2 1/2 years ago. She has finally wormed her way into my heart! I have to say that it was a hard job for her because she had big gargantuan paws to fill. We had the best golden retriever when we first got married who left a huge hole in my heart when she passed.

I wish you the best in your quest to find the perfect companion. I look forward to big slurpy puppy kisses NEXT month!!!