Saturday, July 18, 2009

This is what I'm dealing with over here

Skyler is 4, going on law school

Skyler: Mom! The bath is way too hot. It's as hot as fire.
Me: Okay, let me fix it.

Skyler: Mom? Are you trying to kill me, because the bath is as hot as fire.
Me: I fixed it. Get in the tub.

Skyler: I can't. It is as hot as a fire.
Me: Skyler, do you remember why you lost your video for tonight?

Skyler: For being rude.
Me: And for arguing with everything I say. Now get in the bathtub.

Skyler: It's too hot.
Me: No. It's perfect. Reed is happily sitting in the tub. It is much cooler now.

Skyler: Mom? I just want you to answer me one question.

Skyler: Are you trying to kill me?
Me: No, I am not.

Skyler: Okay good, then I'll get in the tub. Right after I put bandaids on all my boo-boos.


Lisa said...

That is hilarious..I'm so laughing out loud over here. It's gotta be funnier after the fact and just reading it in (cyber)print. You're the queen of cool though, Emilie.

Paige said...

Hilarious!! I'm sure your mother sees the "justice" in all of this. We love these posts, Em. Too funny for my tickle bone. Hope all is well in Maine.