Monday, July 6, 2009

we run, we laugh, we match.

Meredith and I planned to run together on Saturday morning. When she showed up, we both took one look at each other and saw this: matching outfits, I mean, down to the same color shirt and the exact same pair of shorts that we both bought (separately and unknowingly) off the TJ's fitness rack. She had one Powerbar Gu for me and one for herself, and I had one banana for me and one for her.

That's my friend. Two bum knees and an injured tail bone, and she's still unstoppable.

Sam drove us to our starting point on his way to the playground with the kids.

Just starting out. 8 miles. Bangor to Hampden. Blue skies, nice breeze, and cold water stashed in the bushes at mile 4.


Tiercy said...

That is hilarious!!! you guys must be kindred spirits. = )

Meredith said...