Saturday, July 4, 2009

yep, it's rainy.

I finally feel like I can post these pictures and talk about this weather because as I write, the skies are clearing and the sun is pushing through the clouds. I swear to you. I can see the sun right now.

But let me back up so you can see a little bit of our "summer."

I don't know what to tell you. It has rained 30 out of the last 34 days. I don't know why things like this happen. Is there some sort of climatic shift happening? Are Mainers being punished for something? Have we been too smug about how nice our summers are? Did we somehow offend you, sun? Have I been ungrateful?

I have gone through so many emotions about this weather. I have been mad, sad, frustrated, impatient, irritated, and then sort of resigned to it, fatalistic, whatever, so be it, who cares, the sun wasn't that great anyway. I don't have to worry about sun screen!

We have not been staying home in the rain. That much I can tell you. We, in Maine, have all realized that when it rains for a month, we can't just sit around and wait for the sun. (I know this because when you go to the bank, the post office, the grocery store, or the library, people are all talking about the rain and how we've given up waiting for the sun).

For the past 30 days (until today!) the 10-day weather forecast has had "Showers," or just to spice things up "Thunder showers," listed every day. I don't know why I kept looking at the forecast. It's a terrible feeling.

But we went to the beach anyway, and the kids truly don't seem to care about the weather. I could learn a lot from them.

See Sam and Skyler? I love how they both bend at the hip to pick up sea shells.

And we went strawberry picking with the Carvers! I guess lots of rain is good for strawberries. See? That's a good thing.

Suzanne had to speed pick because 18 month old Maya (surprisingly out of the picture) was being a clinger.

Reed ate at least a pint of "darberries" out in the "darberry field."

What will we do with all these strawberries? Meredith and I spent about 12 hours working on a very special project yesterday, and I'll tell you all about it soon.

With the rest, we are going to bake strawberry turnovers today.


beth said...

And boy, were those strawberry turnovers DELICIOUS!
Made up for a generally rainy and miserable 4th of July. Who wants fireworks anyway when you can have Emilie's berry turnovers?!?

It is Sunday morning and the SUN, coming through the window behind my desk, is blinding my eyes. Can this possibly last?

Tiercy said...

You can't keep a good man down. Way to be. What was your strawberry project, curious minds want to know!