Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday night under the lights, or, Emilie's dream come true

There is no way we could have had any more fun on our trip to Boston for the Sox game, even if the Yankees hadn't crushed us 20 to 11. It was just the most perfect, hot, humid, Americana, sweet smelling night at Fenway Park.

First of all, I was just excited to get there.

Second, it felt totally different in the park than I remembered, actually smaller and more intimate, and very emotional. And extremely electric.

I'm pretty sure it's embarrassing that we are both wearing red sox jerseys, but clearly I'm so far gone at this point that it didn't matter.

I totally started to get teary during the national anthem, but the pretty girl from Days of Our Lives flubbed the lines in a really embarrassing (but sort of funny) way.

The first pitch. Just so exciting!

It's one thing to watch a game on TV. It's another thing altogether to be there and hear the super-loud music, and to rise to our feet with all the other sweaty people when Ellsbury steals a base, and to smell the italian sausages, and hear all the funny Boston-accented guys taunting the Yankees.

As you can see above, our seats were up in the grandstand. It was pretty hot up there with all that yelling and dancing around, and Sam and I started plotting our move as the score got worse and worse and worse, and as the rich folks with amazing seats started to head for home. When it was 12 to 1, we made a break.

Down here, on the 3rd base line. Much better!

What's funny is that here we are with the bases loaded and Big Papi at bat and we were all quivering with excitement as if we had a freaking chance to still win. Imagine, we scored 11 runs and still lost by 9! What on earth?

As I mentioned earlier, I didn't care too much. After all, there's Mikey Lowell! He's my other favorite next to Jonathan Papelbon (I saw him! but he didn't pitch).

This close to Big Papi.

I definitely got weepy when we all sang Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline after the 7th.

We stayed to the bitter, bitter end, hanging on every pitch. The game could have gone on 4 more hours and I wouldn't have flinched.

On the way down to Boston, I listed for Sam all my hopes for the night:
1. No rain out (it was threatening, but not a drop)
2. The Sox win
3. There is a bench-clearing brawl.
4. Somebody gets thrown out of the game.
5. Papelbon pitches and saves.

I got 1 out of 5! Didn't care!

Sam got his wish. He spotted Heidi Watney, the hot Red Sox broadcaster from NESN whom he refers to as "that fresh little strawberry"

I got so excited trying to get a picture of her, that I spilled about $2 worth of my $5 lemonade and then got this great shot of only her legs. Nice legs, huh?

We finally left when the ushers told us we had to. We then walked a mile back to our hotel.
What I'm trying to tell you is that we the most terrific time ever.

Here's to next year!


Lisa said...

Gettin' all teary eyed along with you as I'm giggling at yet another blog. Sounds like a great time!! Nice rush to the good seats!

Tiercy said...

I love your all sounds like such an adventure!! I love your love story!!

Michelle said...

How fun for you!! Sounds like you had a great time.

AND may I say WOW WOW WOW look at your donations for your run!!!

I clicked on over there to see how you were doing and immediately teared up when I saw that sweet picture of you and your Dad.

Hope the training is going well. I can't believe how close we are to coming up to see you in Sept.!! What pie are you going to bake us? After we go out for lobster that is?

ann said...

HI Emilie,
I'm just so glad that you are safe after hearing what happened at Acadia Nat'l Park yesterday. The Red Sox game is a good bonus but best of all is that you and yours are safe!

Donna said...

What an amazing adventure!! Great post, Emilie :-)